It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post, 8 months to be exact 🙂 It’s no secret that the first two trimesters of this pregnancy were really difficult with constant morning sickness and extreme fatigue and frankly I just didn’t feel up to doing a lot of the things I enjoyed before I was pregnant. But I’m finally back just in the nick of time as TOMORROW is my due date! It’s amazing what our bodies go through to nourish and grow a life and I am so lucky that mine has done a great job supporting this life, the baby could arrive at any moment!  I’m happy and excited to share with you all the special preparations John and I have made for the arrival of this baby! Our nursery project was converting my closet/office space (which is connected to our Master Bed) into a suitable space for baby and included switching out NINE windows with more energy efficient ones (of course John insisted on doing this himself). We went with a boho California vibe and gender neutral soft tones.

I’ve also included some “maternity shots” that John insisted on taking of me. I really didn’t want to do a full maternity photo session, I mean I have taken plenty of pictures of myself pregnant to remember the experience, but John insisted, and I am grateful that he did. After seeing the pictures I am now very happy I have them to document the last few weeks of carrying this baby, and those last few weeks of looking down at this bump and wondering who this baby will become, what they will look like, and oh how they will change our world.

Maternity Photos- Shot by John